It sets the standard for a superior extra-large spa.

The all-new A9L from Bullfrog Spas sets the standard for spacious luxury spas with 7 customizable JetPaks, 8 premium seats, a luxurious lounge chair, 2 additional flex-lounge seats, as well as plenty of legroom and powerful foot therapy. The A9L is the brand’s largest and most complete model.

It is ideal for those who want the best of all spas. With its large space, therapy, innovation and style, the Bullfrog Spas A9L can take your relaxation and relief to the next level. Enjoy the most personalized and powerful spa experience available, as well as the ability to bring your entire family and friends together for some quality time.

Technical specifications of the Model A9L

Standard dimensions (L x W x H): 7′-10″ x 9′-2″ x 38″.
Metric dimensions (W x L x H): 2.39m x 2.79m x 0.97m
Number of seats: 8
Bucket seats: 6
Deluxe bucket seats: 4
Lounger Seats: 1
Cooling seats / children: 2
Water Capacity (to normal fill line): 2161 Liters
Empty weight / maximum filled weight (including cover): 910 lbs./6295 lbs.
Const EnduraFrame / solid foam / molded base: Standard
Premium hard spa cover (all colors): Standard
Premium EternaWood™ Cabinet (orchard or wood): Standard
High-performance 56-frame industrial pumps: 3
WellSpring™ silent circulation pump: N/A
A-Series Audio: Rich sound, in-seat speakers, subwoofer, spa-side device storage, USB charging, Bluetooth compatibility, track and volume control via touch interface: Optional
Outdoor courtyard speakers: Optional
EOS™ 03 Premium Water Care System, 2X the ozone output of the WellSpring™ system, mixing chamber for improved water sanitization, carbon filter removes excess 03 gas: Optional
WellSpring™ high-efficiency ozone: optional
LED interior lighting system: Center, Filter, Footwell: Standard
Top Rail LED lighting system (cup holders & aux): Standard
Large illuminated water feature: Standard
LED outdoor lighting system (set of 4) : Standard
Double filter elements with safety device : Standard
Exterior drain with floor drain connection: Standard
JetPaks with ComfortFit detachable pillows: 7
JetPaks AcrylicMatch – Customer Choice: Standard
Stainless steel flush-mount jets with rounded corners: Standard
Automatic filtration in JetPaks: Standard
Feet, wrists, hips, legs: 24
Maximum number of jets available: 318