Our Feeling Spa has been developed to optimize the comfort and space inside the spa to promote relaxation.

We lead a hectic lifestyle, and work and obligations often come before anything else. Quality time is so rare, why not treat yourself or your family to a moment of relaxation in our new Feeling spa?

Featuring a comfortable hybrid bed with a seat at the end, the Feeling spa encourages multiple moments of relaxation for couples. The deep, ergonomically updated seats will make your Feeling spa a must-have for relaxation.

With the Feeling spa, feel the positive effects of warm water and deep massage on your body.


Dimension: 85″ x 71″ x 34″.
Empty weight (estimated lbs) : 350
Water volume (liters) : 1,000
Full weight (estimated lbs) : 2,610
Stations : 3 benches / 1 bed / 1 rest bench / step
Jets : 24″ stainless steel finish
Waterfall: Illuminated
Lighting: LED
InnovaFlow : Included
Structure : Polyethylene monocoque
Insulation : Thermofoil
Electrical equipment : Gecko in.yj-V3
Control panel . Gecko ink.300
Pump : 2 hpr, 2 speeds
Water heater : Gecko Heat Wave – 1.0kw/4.0kw
Voltage required : 120V / 15A, 240V / 40A
Electrical certification: UL, CSA
Vinyl cover: 4″ / 2″


nstallation on a solid, level surface.
No concrete or wood base is required.
Our spas are self-supporting and are made of one solid piece (monocoque). That’s why you don’t have to do any complicated preparation before installation.

120V / 240v CONNECTION

No electrician required for 120 volt connection.
100% convertible to 240 volts if needed (by an electrician).
Plugs directly into the wall.


Adjustable backlit chute with colored LED light.
Overflow with integrated coasters.
Includes a waterfall flow control valve to provide the right amount of power for the desired level of relaxation.

Air control valve

The Feeling spa has an easy-to-use air valve that increases the power of the jets in the spa.

Whirlpools are essential to the spa experience.

Easy transport

Your Feeling is light enough to be lifted by 2 to 4 people and can be transported on a small trailer or in the back of a full size van. No more shipping costs. Your Feeling also includes a small quick start guide that makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to place, fill and plug in.


High-performance reflective thermo-layer film that forms a tight curtain around the spa and keeps the heat in and the cold out.

Our spas are designed for harsh winters. A 240V connection is recommended for optimal heating performance.