Water analysis for pools and spas

Come to our store with a sample of your water. We will perform a complete and detailed analysis of your water, FREE OF CHARGE. In addition, you will receive many tips to keep your water healthy and clear.

Pool liner replacement

Over time, it will be necessary to replace your pool cover. UV rays and chemical products will damage it in the long term.

If it is necessary to proceed to the replacement of your pool cover, we invite you to come to our store, you will be able to see our vast selection. Whether your need is for an inground or above ground pool liner, we can assist you.

Pool and spa repair

Unfortunately, it is possible that your installation may need repair. We have a wide range of expertise and a large inventory of parts for in-ground, above-ground pools and spas. We work hard to provide you with fast service at competitive prices.

Pool and spa opening

The opening work consists of:


Removing the winter cover.
Reinstalling the diving board, ladder and lights.
Reconnect the water heater.
Remove winterizing plugs.
Reconnect, start and check filtration system.
Spring chemical treatment.
Salt system.


Reconnect piping.
Reinstall all jets.
Reinstall all accessories.
Start up and check operation.
Polish the acrylic spa.

Pool and Spa Closing

Generally, closing our pool or spa is a sign that winter is upon us. This may seem like a complicated step, but we can help you by closing your pool for you.

The work of closing consists of :


Lowering the water level.
Remove the diving board, ladder and lights.
Drain the pump, filter, chlorinator or purifier.
Drain and winterize the water heater.
Drain and blow out all pipes.
Install winterization plugs and winterize the skimmer.
Winter chemical treatment.
Install winter cover and net.
Drain the solar system Maître Piscinier.


Drain the spa.
Remove all jets.
Drain and blow out all hoses.
Drain the shell.
Cover the acrylic spa with a plywood and canvas.
Cover the natural spa with 3 plywood and canvas.
Give the small accessories to the customer.


How to open a pool
How to close a pool