Spacious, versatile, beautiful, all in a medium sized, high quality spa.

Enjoy two premium Adirondack-inspired therapy seats, the incredible JetPak dual love seat, raised therapy seats, or any other comfortable and versatile seating option in your new M7 spa.

With intuitive controls, simple water maintenance, the famous JetPak therapy system, stunning aesthetics, and more space than you’ll find in any other mid-size spa, your M7 spa byBullfrog will absolutely delight you.

Technical specifications of the Model M7

Standard dimensions (L x W x H): 7′-7″ x 7′-7″ x 37
Metric dimensions (W x L x H): 2.31m x 2.31m x 0.94m
Total number of seats: 9
Bucket type seats: 4
Lounge type seats: 2
Raised seating: 3
Water capacity (to normal fill line): 1716 Liters
Empty weight (including cover): 454 kg (1000 lbs)
Maximum filled weight (including cover): 2735 kg (6029 lbs)
EnduraFrame / Full foam / Molded base construction: Standard
M Series Premium Patio Performance Spa Cover (with Smart Sensor Technology): Standard
M Series Spa Cover Lift: Standard
M Series Premium Spa Steps: Optional:
M Series Premium Spa Cabinet: Standard
2 Speed High Performance Jet Pumps: 2
Dedicated circulation pump: Standard
M Series Audio (rich surround sound, hidden speakers in shell, subwoofer, Bluetooth compatibility, track and volume control via main control, volume control via multifunction auxiliary controls): Optional
M Series adjustable headrests: Standard
Simplicity™ Filter System: Standard
Simplicity™ Flat Filter: Standard
EOS™ 03 Premium Water Care System: Standard
M Series Premium LED interior lighting: Standard
M Series Premium control-activated water: Standard
M Series Premium exterior lighting : Standard
Exterior drain with floor drain fitting : Standard
M Series JetPaks: 6, standardM Series Premium Jets: Standard
Hidden water return fittings in JetPods: Standard
Foot, Wrist, Hip, Leg, Raised Seat Therapy Jets: 18
Maximum number of jets available: 270